8 Facebook Features For Better Social Media Marketing – Did you furthermore may assume that Facebook had reached its peak? Think once more! Facebook keeps releasing new functions that breathe new existence into the social media channel. With these eight suggestions, you will grow with them.

Facebook’s increase virtually seemed to stabilize. Everyone who wanted to sit on it sat on it and began sharing less. There were other exciting channels with a younger target market consciousness, which include Instagram and Snapchat. But Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook massive, didn’t surrender. He bought Instagram and Whatsapp. And he looked at competitors to discover: what does the social media consumer want? Below I give an explanation for 8 functionalities so one can hitch an experience with your enterprise web page on the fulfillment of the new Facebook.

  1. Facebook live video

Facebook live video

Similar to Periscope or Meerkat, this is a stay circulation. Video has simplest grown to be extra essential, especially live video. This guarantees top-of-line enjoyment by and involvement of your target audience. So any longer you may create your personal ‘TV’ via Facebook. Do you have got an event, presentation, or news from backstage? Broadcast it on Facebook. Go to submit thru your cell and begin your Live video. You can constantly look lower back afterward: your broadcast will be saved together with your motion pictures.

  1. Facebook expert services

Facebook professional services

The Facebook Services feature is geared toward selling (smaller) corporations domestically. Facebook gives – much like Google – a search feature, with which you could locate the ‘fine’ store, restaurant, or service inside the location. If you want to rank excessive in seeking outcomes as a retailer or restaurant owner, you want to make certain you get wonderful suggestions. The company with the fine critiques is at the top but is also ranked quality with the aid of friends of the searcher. So make certain you – as a neighborhood organization – have an excellent presence on Facebook!

3. Facebook immediately articles

Facebook would pick that no greater traffic will look out of doors the channel, so publishing articles inside the walls of Facebook is now viable. Not only is the service ten times faster than popular cellular articles; Instant Articles additionally supplies an entire arsenal of interactive functions, bringing storytelling to existence with auto-play video and faucet-to-zoom photograph galleries. Instant Articles can generate greater attain for your blog and at the same time generate extra engagement on Facebook. It already seems that these articles generate 20% more extra clicks than cellular net articles to your timeline. Also, an average of 30% more is shared. Start now with this short guide.

4. Crossposted video and reuse

If you’ve got positioned so many paintings and maybe cash into your video, you may genuinely want to convey it to the eye more regularly. On your personal Facebook page, however perhaps also on a couple of pages. You can locate your videos underneath your publishing tools. Select this and pick out ‘Create a new message for this video’ at the movement. That saves time in re-uploading! You can also pick out other pages thru your business manager. For example, in case you as a writer want to share a video internally, usually and on the web page of the magazine itself. In your statistics, you can see at a look how your video is performing per message and channel.

  1. Saved!

While this is not a totally new feature, the retention characteristic is becoming greater critical given the engagement, link tracking, and fulfillment of your Instant Articles. Save permits you to shop a whole lot of thrilling you find on the internet on Facebook! Videos, links, track, activities… Handy, so you can effortlessly find articles and websites. What you have got saved on Facebook will handiest continue to be visible to you. Companies that measure the number of stored objects get an excellent perception of what works and what doesn’t. This is beneficial for future content strategy and while developing new ideas.

  1. Facebook Slideshow

Facebook desires people to start sharing extra videos. So glad that they take the paintings off your hands. Slideshow (formerly Moments as a separate app) turns your photographs and videos right into a quick clip, which you could edit with numerous issues and track.

With the Slideshow video, you can easily create an advertisement. These classified ads stand out extra and will surely yield you extra, in case you technique it correctly of the path. And Facebook glads too. A hyperlink has also been made with Shutterstock so that inventory pictures can also be processed. Smaller marketers and corporations and freelancers can now create, edit and use a Slideshow commercial exceedingly without difficulty.

  1. Virtual Reality – 360-degree video digital camera

Facebook now supports 360 diploma motion pictures. The technology for 360-degree films is growing rapidly. When viewing a 360-degree video on a pc, you may adjust the viewing perspective via dragging the mouse. This is now also viable via Facebook! Even in Virtual Reality. If you grasp those techniques: do it now thru Facebook and stand out! You want a Samsung Gear VR headset, a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and the brand new version of the Oculus Video app to observe a 360-diploma video on Facebook in VR. If you can watch a 360-degree video in VR, “Viewing the Message in VR” could be displayed with the video. Jump into the future now!

  1. Messenger bot

Businesses now have the choice to integrate chatbots into Messenger, which customers can then “communicate”. The Facebook Chatbot can help customer support; With the assistance of the chatbot, you could start a communique with the client, shop and analyze the answers, carry out a venture, and encourage the purchase of a product. Chatbots are also accurate at setting together personalized information feeds: they scour the net for you searching for news that pursuits you.

Facebook chatbots have become smarter. For instance, a brand new update guarantees that you could make bills to a bot directly from Messenger, for instance, to pay for a product that the bot has offered you. The good news for internet shops is that can run the complete sales procedure through a chatbot.

Facebook Features 1

Customized chatbots

Messenger bots will empower businesses to connect to customers in new and unique approaches; with services from subscription automation to the custom-designed conversation around e-commerce purchases. More than eleven,000 chatbots have already been created for Facebook Messenger. There are probably hundreds of packages that we cannot even dream of. You know your personal agency first-class: what may want to you use a chatbot for within your business enterprise? A few examples:

“As a mussel supplier, I need to gather greater content within the shape of recipes. When I expand a ‘recipe generator bot’, I automatically receive all kinds of recipes with mussels. Useful!”

“Suppose: I am seeking out exactly the identical sort of shoes that are worn out now – after sporting them for three years. I ship a photograph of my tired shoe to a massive shoe bone and voilà: desire made!”


There is probably no extra inclusive platform than Facebook proper now. Facebook is – except probably WhatsApp, which they also manipulate – nonetheless the biggest social media channel within the Netherlands and is still developing. That increase is now not in younger humans but in the elderly. Of the 9.6 million Dutch folks that use Facebook, 6. Eight million achieve this each day. So in case, your target market is over 25 years old, recollect including one of the above more modern functions for your social media marketing.

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