Blocks 16 More YouTube Channels 2

Government Blocks 16 More YouTube Channels for Spreading Disinformation – The Centre on Monday blocked sixteen YouTube channels, together with six operating from Pakistan, and a Facebook account for spreading disinformation associated with India’s countrywide safety, overseas members of the family, and public order, in line with a legitimate assertion. The blocked YouTube channels and the Facebook account had a cumulative viewership of over sixty-eight crore and have been spreading “fake, unverified statistics to create panic, incite communal disharmony and disturb public order in India”, the declaration issued through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said.

Blocks 16 More YouTube Channels

“None of the digital news publishers had supplied facts to the ministry as required underneath Rule 18 of the IT Rules, 2021,” it brought.

The ministry said the content material posted by means of some of the blocked India-based YouTube channels referred to the members of a specific community as terrorists and incited hatred among various religious communities.

“Such content changed into observed to have the ability to create communal disharmony and disturb public order,” it stated.

The ministry said more than one India-primarily based YouTube channel had been publishing unverified information and films that had the ability to cause panic among various sections of the society.

“Examples encompass false claims related to assertion of a pan-India lockdown because of COVID-19, thereby threatening the migrant employees, and fabricated claims alleging threats to positive nonsecular groups, etc. Such content became determined to be negative to public order in the country,” it stated.

According to the ministry, the blocked YouTube channels based totally in Pakistan were found to have been used in a coordinated way to put up faux news approximately India on various topics consisting of the Army, Jammu and Kashmir, and overseas relations in the mild of the state of affairs in war-hit Ukraine.

Government Blocks 16 More YouTube Channels

“The content of those channels became determined to be completely false and touchy from the angle of national security, sovereignty and integrity of India, and India’s friendly members of the family with foreign States,” the ministry said.

The ministry issued an advisory to private television information channels final week, cautioning them against making false claims and the usage of scandalous headlines.

The blocked YouTube channels include MRF TV LIVE, Saini Education Research, Tahaffuz-e-Deen India, and SBB News.

The channels based in Pakistan consist of AjTak Pakistan, Discover Point, Reality Checks, and The Voice of Asia.

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