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How to Download Videos From Facebook – Popular video sites frequently make it hard to download content, generally for copyright and revenue motives. Instead, they decide upon you to percentage an immediate hyperlink or submit it on your feed, in which it’s going to preserve to rack up the ones pre-roll ad greenbacks. But if you’re looking to be at ease with an everlasting replica of a clip you noticed on Facebook, you probably have your motives. And because we agree with you, we’re here to tell you the way to download them.

If you’ve got a software program in the vicinity that you use to download YouTube movies, which includes 4K Video Downloader, you can try that. Most of the tools that paintings for YouTube, Vimeo, and others additionally paintings with Facebook URLs. But there’s an extra straightforward way to begin.

Desktop Downloads

Desktop Downloads

Download Videos Facebook affords a “Save Video” hyperlink within the ellipsis menu subsequent to nearly every video. But that’s no longer for saving the video in your nearby garage—it simplest “saves” it on Facebook to a segment of your account called “Saved Videos,” in which you may create collections to observe later. If the owner deletes the video, you won’t have to get entry to it anymore.

The steps to putting a Facebook video on your laptop are a piece convoluted, however now not difficult. First, on your browser, click on the three-dot ellipsis menu on a video and select the Copy link. (You might not see this feature if the video is listed as non-public.)

Paste that into a new browser tab and watch it forward the shortened link (starting with https://facebook.Watch/) to something that starts with https://www.Facebook.Com/watch/. In the deal with the bar, trade the “www” for “basic.”

That forces the browser to load the cell model of the web page for you. Right-click the video, and pick the Open hyperlink in the new tab. In this new 0.33 tab, all you may see is the video, and you may right-click again and select Save video to position it on your PC.

Crank Up the Resolution

FDown net

The disadvantage here is, that you’re now not getting a particularly hi-res video in this manner.

The smooth solution is not to try this complicated thing and use FDown.Net (formerly FBDown.Net, but they dropped a letter for simplicity). It’s advert-supported to keep the lights on, but some are ad traps with boxes saying “Start” or “Start Download,” so do not click on them.

Paste within the Facebook URL you snagged by using deciding on Copy Link from the ellipsis menu. The website will parse all content material for you and offer links to seize both the “Normal Quality” version (similar to what you get with the stairs above) or an “HD Quality” video. I used it to seize a film trailer and the ordinary pleasant became a blocky 4.6MB file; the HD became an appropriate 27MB file.

You can click the links or right-click to choose the Save hyperlink as. The More Options box can attempt to pressure a general definition or excessive-definition download, and also do an audio fix.

If you operate the Google Chrome browser and find you are the use down. Internet plenty, consider grabbing its extension referred to as Video Downloader PLUS. It puts a download button right on the video if it is downloadable. That is, but, one among many extensions from many developers that permit Facebook downloads. Try out a few and pick a favorite.

If you run into a video you can’t download on Facebook, first try down.Internet/private-downloader.Personal home page. If that fails, try a screen recording tool to seize it because it performs.

Mobile Downloads

Facebook mobile page on the desktop.

It seems down. Internet shines on cell devices as properly, be it on Android or iOS. The caveat is, that it does not work with the Safari browser on iOS. It’s no longer notable with Chrome either, consistent with the builders. They advocate the use of cellular Firefox. It also may not work on personal videos, but you may no longer understand they are non-public till the remaining step.

Find a Download Videos Facebook (in any browser) and click the choice to Share it. Then in the percentage display screen, search for the choice to Copy Link. Then open Firefox, and load FDown.Internet, paste inside the URL, and press download. You’ll see the options to get a video in Normal Quality or HD Quality once more; tap and hold your finger on whichever you pick and you may get a choice that says Download Link, then a Download Now affirmation.

This puts the video in the Firefox browser’s Downloads section. You can access that through the Firefox hamburger menu at the lower right (the 3 traces). Click at the hyperlink for the video—it will likely seem like a long string of numbers. On iOS, you may faucet Save Video to put it in the digital camera roll for your device.

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