Instagram Finally Allows You to Edit Your Caption – In the new edition of Instagram you may edit the caption and you could now seek now not only on pictures but additionally on human beings.

Instagram 2

A typo changed quickly made. Correcting a typo changed to no longer possible on Instagram until these days. Then delete and rewrite become the best option. That is now an issue of the past. They have listened to their users. You can edit your caption within the new edition for iOS and Android. It handiest applies to your very own caption. You will nevertheless delete and repost a comment on someone else’s photo to correct your mistake. But…it is a start and it is correct to see that users are being listened to.


Instagram Looking for other users

Instagram has also brought a brand new seek page to the explorer. In addition to the quest web page for images, you now also have a variant with which you can find different users. Just like with the pictures, Instagram already selects the users that you might discover thrilling. The explorer signal, a star-like in a compass, has additionally been replaced. That is now, as we’re used to from many apps and equipment, a magnifying glass.

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