More fun with Twitter

More fun with Twitter – My daughter, my nieces, and nephews, kids from the village… Lately, an increasing number of teens seem on my timeline on Twitter. Very nice! However, I nearly most effectively study approximately what they are doing, where they are going, what’s at the desk for dinner, and whether or not they prefer something or are bored. So a whole lot of one-manner traffic.

I can’t wait to mission them to get extra out of Twitter and in reality, use it as a social medium. Not simplest is it’s fun, but additionally as it sincerely benefits you. And because I am satisfied that if you speak to younger people about the possibilities of net applications, you create a less difficult manner to speak about the risks. That’s why I’m now amassing guidelines for extra amusement with Twitter.

More fun with Twitter 2

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Seen a pleasant video on YouTube? Copy the hyperlink and paste it into Twitter for your pals to experience too. Tip: with Bit.Ly you could shorten the link, in order that there’s more space to inform something approximately the video. Some Twitter packages do that truncate mechanically. You can also share other links, for example to photographs or websites.


  1. If you have any doubts or questions, permit your friends to suppose along! Shall I place on this T-shirt or cardigan for the birthday celebration? Which cinema movie ought I without a doubt watch?


  1. Use Twitter’s search to discover the modern-day news approximately your hometown, your favorite artist, or opinions approximately the display you’re looking for. Use the # to get higher search outcomes.


  1. Do something creative collectively with Twitter. Create a relay tale, taking turns writing a one hundred forty-man or woman piece. Let others end your funny story: ‘There are chimpanzees within the supermarket. One says to the alternative…’ Or initiate a laugh Twitter dialogue with instructions along with #ditzouiknooitdarven or #hiermoestikerghardomlachenvandaag.


  1. Ask a question with the hashtag #dare to ask. Such as: how do I prevent a flat tire? Or: what is an amazing excuse if I’m overdue for faculty? You may get a surprising response from Twitterers you do not know yet.


Additions? I look forward to seeing them thru the feedback in this weblog. Fun With Twitter I will quickly process the proceeds in an A4 bulletin board poster.

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