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Opportunity Promises New Customers Through Linkedin – The first question I am constantly requesting approximately LinkedIn is “Where can I locate the leads on LinkedIn?”. After all, that is what each salesperson and marketing manager is looking for, new customers. But as we all know, social media does not work that way. Not even in B2B surroundings.

That query at once offers an amazing start for a nice explanation about growing visibility, writing applicable content, and the hints of online networking. But a button with the name <LEADS> isn’t always there (yet). My hobby changed without delay aroused once I acquired an invite for OPPORTUNITY some weeks in the past. A new platform that promises to provide you daily applicable leads based on your LinkedIn profile. That’s what anyone desires, right?

Login with Facebook for LinkedIn leads

Customers Through Linkedin

I am right now creating an account. You should do this again by logging in with your Facebook account, or with the aid of creating a separate password and username. That’s loopy because it turned into approximately leads through your LinkedIn profile, proper? Then why can’t you operate your expert profile from a community web page with 5 million Dutch human beings? This is easily explained. Facebook releases a whole lot extra records than the greater privateness-comfortable LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn frequently adjusts its parameters for logging into 0.33-celebration websites. As a result, those are damaged and now do not work.

Once you’re in via Facebook, you will need to manually hyperlink your LinkedIn profile. Then you want to fill in a few simple pieces of info along with your e-mail and a website (if any). Then comes the query of 1 million. What do you offer and what are you looking for? This comes under the clear headings “I Offer” & “I Need”. Let the leads float in


After a day of waiting, the setup of OPPORTUNITY is without delay clear to you. Your “I Offer” & “I Need” are in reality matched to those of your fellow opportunists. Every morning you receive hopeful emails that a lead is prepared for you from Jan, Piet, or Klaas. Just for fun, I knew some over the last week. The reactions vary between “duh” and “lazer op”. I would not call them real leads.

LinkedIN leads

Daily emails

If you don’t get enough nonsensical mail, I truly advocate creating an OPPORTUNITY account. If you are seeking out new customers via LinkedIn, you will do a little more. Scoring clients and possibilities really take time and effort. You can’t take a seat again and watch for them to call you. In any case, you will no longer get any beneficial possibilities thru OPPORTUNITY. Therefore actively searching for the connection yourself. Show the qualities of yourself and your organization by creating and sharing applicable content. Because OPPORTUNITY is for my part a missed possibility to locate new customers.

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