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Selfies On Instagram What Should We Do With It – Instagram is fun, cool, and warm. As an image-orientated character, I revel in all those snapshots and pictures that pass with the aid. Fantastic. No prolonged texts, just one photo. And that announces the whole thing. Really everything…

After all, one picture is well worth one thousand phrases. Although a thousand is a lot. I just don’t apprehend why human beings publish dozens if now not loads of selfies of themselves on Instagram. It seems so self-centered and empty.

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Enjoy button

I even have examined the e-book ‘Hooked’, which explains how our mind works in combination with social media structures. I can consequently recognize why humans like to publish pix of themselves on Instagram. By receiving likes or hearts from others, they get affirmation that they’re worth it. In Neuromarketing it has long been recognized wherein our pride button is and what kind we love to press it. Did you recognize that each form of aspect was included in social media platforms to make sure which you log in regularly? The creator of Hooked is Nir Eyal. A correct and thrilling e-book to examine.

How far will you cross?

So you submit snapshots of yourself. To get confirmation. But how a lot of affirmation do you want? The project is getting increasingly difficult. After 10, a hundred, or a thousand likes you want even extra. You need to hit that pride button even more frequently. And you’re probably getting increasingly vital of your selfies. Before the proper picture is posted, five portions have already been made that did now not meet the requirements. Some people even take dozens of photographs before they experience they can put up a photograph. But in which does it quit? When is it excellent or okay? Or, if we turn it around: How some distance will you pass for those likes on that selfie?

Am I jealous?

You get an idea of ​​how a person is in existence as someone while you examine his or her pictures. The “I” is valuable. Or am I imagining that and am I the handiest one searching on the selfies that way? Am I secretly simply jealous? Do I need masses of likes much like her?

Fortunately, there are also many Instagram bills that don’t publish selfies.


Rather deliver me the high-quality landscape or “inner city” pics. People who’re loopy sufficient to climb a skyscraper and then take a panoramic picture. Or go camping for two weeks in the wilderness to get that one shot of the fog rolling over the mountainside at four a.M.

Then you inform the story the way you see the sector. The digicam faces outwards as opposed to inwards. An open mind. That appeals to me a great deal more.

Narcissist or self-confident?

People, who put up quite a few selfies: narcissistic trends or just very proud people with a whole lot of self-self belief? What do you watch?

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