This Is How The Perfect Facebook Post Looks Like – From the right length to timing. To achieve success on Facebook, you try to determine the secret to the right submission. I provide you with nine pieces of recommendation to create the correct Facebook post for your brand!

There’s an art to growing a Facebook submit that not only stocks your content material but additionally gets people to see, like, talk about and proportion it. While I’m no longer making sure your next Facebook post will cross viral, you may nevertheless achieve improving your posts via the usage of the subsequent recommendation.

The right duration

It is regularly counseled to publish a brief message. “Put your put up in 40 characters and it’ll rank highest. Or up to 80.” Forget it. Make sure you get the message across, whether or not it’s in 10 or 200 phrases. Tell him as clearly and relevantly as possible. Properly-written lengthy put-up rankings are higher than a brief one that says nothing. So dare to permit cross of counting words.

Ask questions

Of route: a query is a shape of name-to-action, so you get greater engagement. That’s not to say that each post has to incorporate a question. But beneficial in case you percentage an opinion, to ask for an opinion again. Tip: don’t ask too hard questions; as soon as humans ought to suppose too long, they surrender.

Use photo

Bigger, better, and more! Image remains notably crucial as your target audience scrolls and screens via the timeline. Stand out and ensure people prevent and watch and/or study your submission. And use a clean image without too much small information and in the proper Facebook format: 940 x 788 pixels. However, you use a linked photograph: 810 x 450 pixels. And a photograph carousel calls for square photos. Video often ratings even higher! Upload it on Facebook and don’t use a link to YouTube. A video of various pics additionally works properly.

Facebook Post 1

Put yourself in your goal organization

And be applicable: why do humans comply with you? Put yourself to your target audience. Sounds easy, but is difficult whilst you are busy promoting your commercial enterprise. If human beings have already commenced following your Page, they in all likelihood need to be kept informed and concerned with what you have to offer them. Give them that!

Be authentic

Show that your logo has a tale and personality. More and extra-human beings assume transparency from the manufacturers they comply with. They need to comply with brands they consider. With a fine and honest, open mindset, you increase in price together with your followers. The 80/20 (1 in 5 posts includes an industrial message) isn’t sacred. It’s approximately the way you present it and whether it’s miles relevant.

For instance: a webshop can be greater willing to show greater (business) merchandise to tell humans approximately them than a mag that specifically offers exciting articles and additionally sells subscriptions.

Have interaction!

Start the conversation! People reply because they want to be heard. So lead them to sense welcome and construct the relationship along with your followers. Be social and always respond quickly: with a like, but preferably with a short solution to a remark. Especially on the subject of terrible reactions: a quick and correct solution can flip a terrible mindset into a wonderful one!

Post at the right time

Use common feel: When are humans on Perfect Facebook Post? Not when they are busy (normally no longer). So when they awaken, at the end of the workday or early evening and all night long. Test at exclusive instances and do studies. For instance: are you managing mothers with faculty-age youngsters? There is a good danger that they’re ‘free’ on Wednesday (afternoon). You also can play with the frequency: a message is completed after 2-three days and no longer appears at the pinnacle of a timeline. I see with some massive bills (= many fans) that they post at least 1x a day. That sounds extra like spamming than posting. People drop out and post now not generating engagement. Vary as soon as by using 2-4 instances per week.

The weekend

Got advice no longer to publish on the weekend? Try a post on Saturday or in particular on Sunday. Make certain your message is in a ‘weekend mood’: mild-hearted and high quality. Curious what your conclusion is… Know that fewer corporations are posted on the weekend, so which means less opposition and greater visibility for you.

Boost your submit

How do you make sure that you attain all followers and also new human beings together with your publish? Go put it on the market! Only in this way are you able to attain extra human beings fast and for no longer too excessive expenses. Without marketing, it turns into genuinely difficult to develop in reach. Free up your price range and add some time (or extra finances if you outsource it) to discern how first-rate to market it.


There is no such issue as the Perfect Facebook Post. Use the above techniques to exchange, check, and ultimately grow your complete reach and interplay. This will help you achieve fulfillment and create your own treasured Facebook network. And be an affected person and invest in your emblem on Facebook. I am curious which factors of development you want to use right away!


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