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Use WhatsApp Voice Message Preview – Looking for a way to preview WhatsApp voice messages earlier than sending them? WhatsApp this week rolled out a preview voice message function to let customers evaluate a draft of their audio recordings earlier than sharing them with others. You can preview your voice messages earlier than sending them in a character thread or a collection chat. The replacement facilitates you to keep away from sending a voice message that does not make an entire feel or wish for an update with a few corrections. You can also play again your voice message before sending it to look in case your audio is apparent.

WhatsApp Voice Message

WhatsApp has delivered a voice message preview for all users that are on Android and iOS in addition to on the Web or computer.

In this text, we offer the steps you need to take to preview your WhatsApp voice messages before sending them to your contacts.

How to apply WhatsApp voice message preview

Before starting with the stairs to use the voice message preview feature, make sure that you have the modern-day WhatsApp version on your device.

  1. Open an individual or group chat on WhatsApp.
  2. Tap and maintain the microphone button next to the message textbox after which slide up to lock arms-free recording. On the Web and laptop variations of WhatsApp, you do not want to slip up as each offers hands-free recording after clicking the microphone.
  3. Now, begin to speak your voice message.
  4. Tap the prevent button to finish the recording.
  5. Hit the play button to pay attention to your recording. You also can move to a selected part of your recording by means of tapping the area trying to find the bar.

WhatsApp Voice Message Preview

You can press the ship button if your message is suitable and is ready for sharing. Otherwise, tap the trash can to delete your voice message and repeat the above steps to report one again.

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