Why Facebook Is Fun And Twitter Less – Let me get immediately to the factor: I hate Facebook. The person (un)friendliness of the site, the evil genius that runs it, the clinical degree you need to apprehend the privateness settings, and of course the infantile stickers your friends ship you. Oh, and did I mention poke? Facebook is a jerk.

I become crazy about Twitter in a long term. The perfect vicinity wherein you could in brief shout something between the acts (in my case a random notion approximately … Cats as an instance), after which you can chat with whoever responds. Maybe that’s now not the use case for anyone, but for me as an unmarried person, Twitter is simply a laugh, without taking on an excessive amount of my time.

Facebook And Twitter

So I turned into crazy approximately Twitter. But this is passing. And my love for Facebook is growing. How bad is that? And is there therapy for it?


I’ll just be honest: it’s partly my own fault. I follow greater than 10,000 human beings on Twitter and am accompanied by almost 17,000 human beings myself. Numbers I cannot consider IRL (in actual existence) clearly. My Twitter-observe-rule is a totally simple one: if you follow me and you’re human (no emblem) and also you do not have too loopy things to your bio (“I love Wilders” qualifies for the list of loopy things ), then I’ll follow you back. In this manner, I get to know new folks that don’t belong to my normal clubs.

And already in the time of ICQ, I had 800 buddies. What became then pretty much the whole internet. I just assume it is great to have a claim at all times, even if every day humans are sleeping, for example. So it is no longer sincerely unexpected that my Twitter is filling up well. Not terrible, I idea. But slowly but truly my opinion is changing.

But little filtered

It commenced final yr. The first wave of Zwarte Piet craziness swept the Netherlands and Twitter and Facebook exploded. I wrote my first blog on that concern in 2002. My first public column on the difficulty become in 2005. So I’m a Zwarte Piet hipster: I changed into already expressing evaluations (notice: verb!) earlier than it changed into the hip. Ha!

Incidentally, the discussion at the time changed into additionally complete fallacies, but without threats and unabashed racism. Well, before you send me back to my home united states of America (the Netherlands) or something else unappealing: the point right here is not Zwarte Piet, you can have that dialogue with me on my personal blog. My factor turned into the last yr at some stage in exactly this dialogue that I thoroughly wiped clean up my Facebook and Twitter timeline so that I should at least withdraw from it online.

I was given a stomachache from what I saw. Stomachache from the lines alongside which the discussion ran and runs. Stomachache from the ridiculously harsh remarks and remarks and from the racist tweets and posts.

I failed to clean my Twitter. That was preventing the (17,000) beer quay(s). But with about 1,400 friends, my Facebook turned into modest. I cleared 5 hundred of those. What I became left with become a set of human beings that I knew we would agree on extensively and at the important points. By which I do not just suggest ZP, but troubles such as racism, the placement of girls, equality, justice, and greater such top-notch concepts.

And now it is delicious

Facebook Is Fun And Twitter

Although I must have missed a person right here and there all through my cleanup second (I’ll find you), my Facebook is now an oasis of comfort. A vicinity wherein I surround myself with folks that are completely special to me in many methods, however, who don’t purpose stomachaches at the massive troubles. And of the path, there are nuances inside those huge topics and we’ve had endless discussions about that. But the ones are not discussions that supply me a stomachache, but strength.

My Twitter, then again, is still unfiltered. My widespread timeline is still off. I’d alternatively no longer be disillusioned in humanity, so I simply read what people say to me and use the list-making function increasingly actively to restrict the input. Not due to the fact, that there aren’t any quality people at all, but because it’s far a mega process to tug the gems from the ones 17,000.

But you have to revel in all angles!

That is frequently referred to as me. That I should come into touch with all points of view. That I can’t have a filter-out bubble. That I need to enter into the dialogue, the communique, the dialogue. Dude, it is proper. At least, in essence, it is right to take a look at matters from a one-of-a-kind perspective and to pay attention to a unique opinion. Correct. But I’m nearly forty now and I’ve had countless discussions on countless topics in my existence. I’ve heard a maximum of the arguments earlier than. That without conceitedness, just – subsequent to gray hair – one of the effects of growing old.

But extra importantly: I don’t should revel in or listen to all of the perspectives up near.

Just to charge to make my factor: I don’t want to observe pedos on Twitter to recognize their point of view. Why might I? I do not care! And in the context of scientific hobby, I would basically nevertheless find it interesting to read what such a person has to say. But suppose that pedo attempts to convince me that there is not anything incorrect with pedophilia and practically enforce it. Must I surely enter into that dialogue due to the fact in any other case I will now not receive enough statistics from different factors of view?

Opt-in-OutWhat I forgot approximately the web for some time is that everything is opt-in: I pick out what I do and don’t consume and who I do and don’t socialize with. I do this offline (partly) of course. And that’s first-rate online too. I shouldn’t be confronted with a continuous circulation of things that supply me with a stomachache. I simply forgot approximately that. For a moment I notion that being open intended that I am open to anyone. And that being inquisitive about the sector around me approach that I’m inquisitive about all people and must permit everybody in… all of the time (because of the internet).

Then smooth up your Twitter

When I admitted it become my own fault, I also stated it became most effective in part my own fault that I do not like Twitter anymore. That word “partly” is relevant. Twitter is praised for its speedy character: which makes it dynamic and appropriate for lots of outstanding matters (which include revolution). But the 140 characters, which pressure you to fast make your point, additionally offer remarkably little room for nuance. No room for any sensible discussion of approximately greater complicated troubles. And especially lots of room for in-your-face one-liners. Nice for humor. Useless for social problems.

Cleaning up my Twitter is one choice. But I chose another option:

For me, Twitter is surely now not (anymore) the area in which I try and have significant discussions. There are other locations for that, which do provide room for nuances, aspect paths, substantiation, and resources, without having to use eight tweets for it (of which only the first is the study and RT’d). Facebook is now that location for me. And if there is or maybe a platform that is not owned by using an evil genius, wherein I can locate the ones human beings I like to have those sorts of conversations with and in which the usability and privacy are better, then I flow straight away. But for now, I’m stuck with the blue hazard for some time.

What approximately Twitter?

That’s in which I hang out. To watch and tweet approximately stupid TV suggests collectively. To percentage interesting reading. To chat senselessly about my cats, nail polish, or new get dressed or to bitch about public transport. And sometimes to find out gems from human beings or to be a gem for someone else, via giving them a hand. But do you need to argue with me approximately something extra complex than “Why do cats continually stare into nothingness as if they see something?” Then you could discover me on Facebook or on my private weblog. And then we’ve got a real communique, without limits after which I take some time for it too. Who knows, we’d learn something from every other, it may simply occur.

And you reader of this text? What do you watch of Twitter as an area in which social problems are discussed? Conversations that influence choices made in and about that society? Suitable or wrong? And how do you address your social channels and the diversity of opinions?

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