Zoom brings gesture popularity to the computing device – Zoom announced that they have brought the ability to react with hand gestures to the desktop after iPad and iPhone applications. With its new update, Zoom makes the ability to recognize and react to visual movements made by meeting participants more accessible. Gesture recognition makes it possible for users to send a reaction to other people in the meeting with hand gestures without having to search for a response.

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There are currently two responses

To enable gesture recognition, it is necessary to tap the Meeting Settings button on the More button during a meeting. Under the gestures section, there are currently two reaction options, “Raise your hand” and “Like”. Reactions can be activated from the buttons next to the options.

The feature was available on Zoom for iPhone and iPad apps last summer, but the new update now brings the feature to the desktop. Platform version 5.10.3 or higher is required to access gesture recognition.

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Apart from making gesture recognition more accessible, Zoom has started to offer Whiteboard as a separate feature rather than a meeting tool. Users will be able to use Whiteboard as a digital canvas.

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Zoom brings gesture recognition to the desktop

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